The safety of our colleagues and passengers is always our top concern. We continually review our operations and processes in line with guidance from national and international authorities.

If you're booking your next trip, please note that you will be able to change your travel dates whenever you need to. We offer you two flexibility options, available for all our routes and fares:

- If you just want to delay your trip but you're unsure of your new travel date: you can request a voucher for the same amount you paid to be used during 2020
- If you already know your new travel date: you can change it directly, there is not change fee

You can apply either option through the "My booking" section, which you can access to from the homepage at You'll only pay the fare difference, if applicable. See detailed conditions below.

Voucher and change date conditions:

- This applies for bookings made after the 12th of March, disregarding the flying month during 2020

- Any fare difference between existing booking and new booking must be paid for

- No cancellations or full refunds unless fare rules allow

- Only applies to long-haul direct flights