Welcome to the city of excess. Celebration of the American dream, Las Vegas is where the world comes to party. Join them and remember what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
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Vegas is never going to be a destination for those wanting the more beautiful things in life. A walk along the river bank. Poets writing prose. Painters catching the sun on distant water lilies in soft watercolours. This isn't going to happen. The city is brash, loud and exciting. People come to party, so join them. Not to say that there is no culture, it's just a Vegas kind of culture.

Know when to hold them

They say Vegas is not built on winners, but gambling is fun, providing you know when to stop. You are in Vegas why not have a little bet. If you have never placed a bet in your life then don't worry, the big casinos will hold lessons for beginners. Circus Circus has daily Blackjack, Roulette and Craps lessons starting at 11 am on the main casino floor. You have to be over 21 to gamble in Vegas; the casinos are quite hot on under-aged gambling, you will be asked to leave if found to be under 21.

The world is on stage

If you love sitting facing a stage and watching people perform for your pleasure, then Vegas is the one for you. Every conceivable performer can be found in Vegas. Magicians are still going strong, nothing like a little sleight of hand to wow the punters. But the real crowd pleasers are the megastars who wow audience’s night after night. A Las Vegas residency is now the ultimate entertainment accolade. Celine Dion brought back the mystique to Las Vegas. Her critically acclaimed 15-year residency has made Vegas cool again.


Like everything else, the cuisine is an eclectic selection of delights. From reliable American staples, burgers, pizzas and ribs, to food from around the globe. If it can be cooked, you will find it in Vegas. But a new kind of cuisine arrived on the Strip, celebratory Cuisine. The most famous chefs in the world have made Vegas their home and brought their amuse bouches with them.

Restaurant Guy Savoy

The Legion d’Honneur medal holder and multi Michelin Star winning French chef Guy Savoy have one of the best restaurants in Las Vegas, if not the world. Restaurant Guy Savoy can be found at Caesers Palace right in the heart of the Strip. You have the choice of three impeccable menus, each mirroring the tastes and dining experience at his Parisian Restaurant. The A la Carte option offers you a choice of courses unlike any other in Vegas; it's like a back catalogue of Micheline Stared dishes. The Prestige Menu and Forbes Menu are set menus. Don't worry as you are eating at one of the best restaurants in the world, so the choice and complementary flow of dishes will be amazing. Each menu can be paired with wine choices that complement the dishes perfectly. As with most restaurants of this calibre, booking is welcomed. The dress code is described as business smart, so keep that in mind. You will not want to miss this culinary experience.

Hell’s Kitchen

Possibly the most famous chef in the world Gordon Ramsey has made Vegas the place for top cuisine. Desire took him to learn his craft under two of the world’s best French chefs, Guy Savoy and Joël Robuchon in Paris. From there he has gained 16 Michelin Stars across the globe. His restaurant, Hell's Kitchen followed fast on the heels of the smash worldwide TV reality show. Opened in 2018 at Caesers Palace on the southern part of the Strip, the restaurant is Ramsey's fifth Las Vegas restaurant. The 300-seater restaurant, based on the TV series has two chef's tables, private dining and a mixology bar. You will be treated to dishes made famous on the show, such as Beef Wellington or the Eggs In Purgatory, cooked for you by the red or blue team. A piece of pure Vegas theatre.


Vegas quite rightly titled itself the party capital of the world. Other cities could claim this title, but we doubt they could ever live up to the sheer intensity of the twenty-four hours a day seven days a week, Vegas party. Yes, there are bars everywhere in the city, and there are some fantastic ones, but the place to party is way up high. The views, the lights and atmosphere will make it worth the journey up all those storeys to the city’s rooftop bars.

Skyfall Lounge

Way up on the 64th floor at the Delano Las Vegas within the Mandalay Bay resort complex is the Skyfall Lounge. The open-air terrace has stunning views over the strip. The lights will twinkle like the bubbles in your champagne spritzers. The DJ will spin the tunes as you relax and let Vegas work its magic. The crowd are trendy and sophisticated so dress up a little.

Drai's Beachclub and Nightclub

The boutique Cromwell Hotel & Casino provides a formidable rooftop party experience. The Drai's Beach and Nightclub has three venues to party. The Beach club on the terrace has a pool and palm trees and a few sun loungers dotted around. The Nightclub is a little more lively yet still sophisticated. The Afterhours Club will take the party down to the basement. Either book ahead or order table service. Table service is a little expensive but worth it.

Sky Bar

No list of rooftop bars would be complete without a bar called the Sky Bar. On the 23rd Floor of the Waldorf Astoria, the Sky Bar is everything that you would imagine it is. Sleek and sophisticated, beautiful people and the most unique drinks on the Strip. Choose a drinks tasting experience where you will be able to taste the finest tequila, whiskey and other delights from around the world.

Deep Dive


Sometimes you need to try something different. South America has its cultural roots deep in Spanish and Portuguese history. The influences are majestic and have created a diverse culture. The Italia neighbourhood in the commune of Providencia has the history and a new cultural concept for life. The community began in the 19th century when migrants from Italy settled within the area. A new 21st-century optimism has set the area on a different path. Take a day and see what you can find.


Las Vegas is much more than just the Strip. The growth of the resort has engulfed the surrounding area with much of the smaller towns and districts blending into the city. If you want to take a little break from the action here are a few places to unwind and get ready for some more partying.

18b The Arts District

In between, the Strip and Downtown, is the Arts District, a burgeoning neighbourhood full of everything that Vegas is not. Eighteen blocks separated by E Charleston Boulevard is full of emerging artists, creators and musicians. Street art takes the place of neon lights, and the music is more worldly than that from the clubs on the Strip. Pay a visit on the first Friday of every month when up to 30,000 people descend on the area to buy, consume and enjoy art.

The Neon Boneyard

This could only be in Vegas. A former hotel at the northern point of the Art District is home to the Neon Museum Campus. Old redundant neon signs from the Strip and the Downtown area are laid to rest as a homage to their once significant influence in creating Las Vegas. Each sign has a unique story about the person who created it. Demand is high, guided tours are available four times a day, lasting about an hour.


A collection of galleries, cultural spaces and museums. Compromised of The Arts Factory, Art Square, 1st & Main, Union House and Mission Linen. The five areas each have their collection of installations. A multi-space venue for the artists, poets and musicians to exhibit their passion. Events usually start on Thursday night, with the preview events. Friday, Saturday and Sunday have events on throughout the year. If you want to have a little time to escape from the popular, head to the contemporary in the Arts District.

Fresh and fly

Not known for its sartorial excellence, Vegas can more than hold its own when it comes to high-end fashion. You will need to dress for some occasions and clubs. Don't bring it with you, buy it in the most luxurious shops in Vegas. If you fancy a little thrifting or buying those unique items, then Vegas can accommodate also. Souvenirs are a dying art; Vegas has the largest souvenirs shop in the world, treat everyone back home to a gaudy objet d'art.

The Grand Canal Shoppes

The elegant Venetian Resort has its very own shopping mall, and as the city of its name, the goods are high end. The resort is in the middle of the Strip, ideally situated where ever you are staying. Over 160 signature stores and premier luxury brands await. There are countless opportunities to dine or have a drink. Stores include European classics Hugo Boss, Fendi and Burberry. A delightful aesthetically pleasing experience.

The Downtown Container Park

If that is a little too upmarket, go to Fremont Street in the heart of the downtown area, and you will find a host of shipping containers arranged for your shopping pleasure. The Container Park is made out of metal containers and has a collection of indie and retro shops. The park has places to eat and drink and just enjoy a contemporary life in the historic Downtown district. A little different, a little weird but loads of cool.

Bonanza Gift Shop

The World's Largest Gift Shop, we don't know if this official, but it certainly is extensive. Situated just of the Strip, the shop has everything that has ever been made with the words Las Vegas on it. From dice to Native American jewellery you will find it in this shop. Located on the corner of the Strip and Sahara Avenue.


Let's head to nature for activities that don't involve casinos, neon lights or masses of food. Nevada is a beautiful state; the rawness of the terrain is unlike anywhere else in the world. For our curated things to do in Las Vegas, we are going to take you out of the city.

Seven Magic Mountain

Las Vegas can’t leave neon alone. Swiss artist, Ugo Rondinone’s Seven Magic Mountains, is a large-scale public art installation 24 km south of Las Vegas. The unique stone structures have had an extension granted so the installation near Jean Dry Lake can stay in the state till 2021. The seven stone structures are painted in neon colours and represent the symbolism between the natural and the artificial. The site is free to visit and a 30-minute drive from the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. An Uber will cost you between 25€ - 50€ one way.

The Hoover Dam

A feat of twentieth-century engineering. The dam stands at 221.4 m tall and confines Lake Mead. Built between 1931 and 1936 the construction brought workers to the area during the depression and many settled in Las Vegas. The dam provides power to public and private utilities in the area. The feat of engineering that it took to design and build the dam has been described as one of the modern wonders of the world. Hoover Dam is 50 km south-east of Las Vegas. You will be one of the one million tourists that visit the dam every year. See it to believe it.

The Grand Canyon

One of the Seven Wonders of the natural world, the Grand Canyon is a 446 km winding long valley that has been shaped over time by the Colorado River. There is a debate about how old the Canyon is. Some say 70 million years, recent research has placed it at only 6 million years, either way, it's old. Discovering all the Grand Canyon has to offer would take weeks, instead go for one of the many tours that operate from Vegas. These range from bus tours where you can spend up to three hours exploring the West Rim, taking in the sights of Eagle Point, the Skywalk and Hualapai Ranch. Bus tours will last all day and on average you will spend three hours at the Grand Canyon, prices start from 100€, usually with entrance included. If you want to see the Canyon from the air, then a helicopter ride from the Strip is an extravagant experience you will not forget. Starting from around 400€ most tours take over three hours, and you will get to experience the glorious Grand Canyon from the air, a unique view of a world wonder you will not forget.

Lake Mead

While you are visiting the Hoover Dam, you may as well visit the lake which it created. Lake Mead harnesses the Colorado River which flows through it. When full the lake is the largest reservoir in the USA. Mountains, canyons and valleys surround the lake, which has created a recreational area. You can boat, hike, cycle, camp and fish in the park. Both the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead can be easily reached from Las Vegas. Hire a car or take one of the many day trips to the area. If you want to break up the Las Vegas experience, then go for a few days and enjoy all that the area has to offer.