Santiago is yearning to be discovered and explored. The Chilean metropolis is full of history; go create some history of your own in this fantastic city.

The culture, the sights, smells and sounds of Santiago will have you enthralled and begging for more. The city that is surrounded by the Andes has the style and charm to get you coming back for more.

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Chile and the capital Santiago has emerged from a cultural abyss. The city is now a metropolis that is at the begging of a cultural revolution. The musicians, poets, painters and dreamers are creating their history. Be part of that history and embrace all the cultural delights that Santiago has to offer.

Move your body

Piknic Électronik Santiago is a monthly event where the young bold and beautiful hang out and move about to minimal techno. The event changes venue every month, so you will have to keep a check on which venue the next event will be held at. The programme starts in November and ends in April. The festival has over 20 international artists and the up and coming Chilean talent. Expect electronic music of all genres, dancing, lots of moving about and the finest gastronomy. The event is children friendly. Day passes are available. Just bring yourself and that holiday vibe.

The one with tangled hair

Any capital city will attract the country’s thinkers, dreamers and writers. Chile is known as the País de Poetas (the country of poets). Immerse yourself in the world of literature. Not your normal holiday pursuit but bring a little romance and intrigue into your world. Visit the house of Pablo Neruda. The famous Chilean poet won a Nobel Prize for literature and was involved in both politics and the arts. La Chascona is in the bustling district of Barrio Bellavista. The quirky preserved house is named after his lover, Matilda Urrutia and the name translates as 'the one with tangled hair' the lovers met at the house for their secret liaisons. The house is closed on a Monday, but open from around 1000 to 1800 and costs 10€. The house is small so admission is on a first come, first served basis.


The interactive, immersive museum experience of MAVI is located in the Barrio Lastarria neighbourhood of downtown Santiago. National and international contemporary art is showcased at the institute. Each year the programme is curated to showcase the emerging and established contemporary artists of the world. The centre is open from 1000 to 1900 but closed on Mondays. The entrance fee is around 10€. Use the metro red route Line 1 Station Metro Catholic University or the green Route line 5 and get off at the Station Metro Fine Arts.


Gastronomic enlightenment is taking place in Chile with Santiago at the heart of it. The food writers of the world are rushing to taste the explosion of flavours to hit the capital. Chilean dishes are benefiting from the gastronomic enlightenment. Traditional dishes are the way to go first and then try the sleek fashionable restaurants.

Filled to the brim

The Empanada is a baked dough parcel dish that frequents many a South American country. The Chilean Empanada de Pino is filled with surprises. The shape is more square than the traditional half-moon shape. The pastry is filled with the finest Chilean beef but with the addition of raisins, black olives and a hard-boiled egg. Variations include the queso camaró which contains cheese and prawns. Traditionally a street food snack that can be eaten on the go, the dish is consumed at the Fiestas Patrias a series of public holidays in September.

040 - 09

Local traditional street food is a winner in the day, but at night you may want to get dressed for dinner and socialise with the beautiful people of Santiago. Restaurante 040 is a high-end avant-garde restaurant. The exclusive no-nonsense, no shorts or sandals dress policy matches the exclusive surprise twelve-course tasting menu, (no details, it's a surprise). The restaurant has a limit of 40 diners, so reservations are a must. If you are there between Tuesday and Saturday, then ask about 'room 09' you will be in for a surprise.


Local traditional street food is a winner in the day, but at night you may want to get dressed for dinner and socialise with the beautiful people of Santiago. Restaurante 040 is a high-end avant-garde restaurant. The exclusive no-nonsense, no shorts or sandals dress policy matches the exclusive surprise twelve-course tasting menu, (no details, it's a surprise). The restaurant has a limit of 40 diners, so reservations are a must. If you are there between Tuesday and Saturday, then ask about 'room 09' you will be in for a surprise.
The neighbourhoods around the centre of the city offer the best and most diverse places to party. Wine bars, Pisco bars and dive bars are the way to go in Santiago.

Fashionable in the 80s

The wine bar was the zeitgeist place to be seen way back in the 1980s. The lavish low lighted suave joints were filled with the up and coming bright young things. In Santiago, with the help of some of the greatest wine in the world, the wine bar is making a comeback. La Mision is a classy, elegant wine bar in the Vitacura neighbourhood. Young sommeliers curate the perfect Chilean wines to match the small plate menu. Bocanariz is a Santiago institution. The cosy downtown wine bar has over 400 variations of Chilean wine, making it one of the best stocked in the city. The bar also offers food and will pair local wine with the local cuisine. The perfect Chilean gastronomic evening.

A night on the Pisco

Like so many other Chilean beverages the Pisco is delicious and very moreish. Santiago has a host of bars just dedicated to the drink. The drink is a kind of brandy, a type of liquor and finally, a kind of spirit. The national drink ranges from clear in colour to a light brown and can be mixed with a host of, well, mixers. Chipe Libre a Pisco bar close to the metro Baquedano is on point for the perfect Pisco. A range of Pisco-based drinks are available, maybe try them all. For a more down to earth Pisco experience, Rapa Nui in Dalmacia will fulfil those late night munchies. A sandwich shop come bar serves some of the best Pisco in the city. The bartender likes to serve those Pisco's heavy so watch out.

Deep Dive

Without being a tourist-voyeur, it is possible to visit a local bar without being 'that' tourist. La Piojera tucked away south of the metro Cal y Canto station is a bar that can be described as a dive but in a nice way. Uncomplicated decor, a rowdy crowd and lots and lots of liquor. Classic Vino Pipeño, pineapple ice cream (yes), grenadine and a shiny new plastic beaker will give you the Terremoto a traditional Chilean drink. Named after an earthquake, make friends with the bar staff and your night will be made.


Sometimes you need to try something different. South America has its cultural roots deep in Spanish and Portuguese history. The influences are majestic and have created a diverse culture. The Italia neighbourhood in the commune of Providencia has the history and a new cultural concept for life. The community began in the 19th century when migrants from Italy settled within the area. A new 21st-century optimism has set the area on a different path. Take a day and see what you can find.


Instantly Instagramable the area has numerous coffee shops where you can get a caffeine fix, a pastry and a perfect image to share with the world. Café Gudelia on Avenida Condell is the ideal place, chez-long shabby bohemian chic kind of situation. Light bites served with the perfect coffee. If the new pourover coffee revolution is your thing, head towards Cafe Triciclo on Barrio Italia, Avenida. Italia. Once a small coffee cart tricycle, the success has allowed them to expand into their premises (the coffee cart tricycle is still in use).

Simple secrets

The Italia neighbourhood has an excellent choice of places to eat. The black and white checkerboard tiled floor of Capperi on the Avenida Italia is the perfect place for an exquisite bowl of pasta or a specialist pizza. The walls are adorned with images of everything Italiano. Traditional Gelato and everything else sweet and Italian can be found at Gelateria Firenze over on Barrio Italia, Avenida. Condell. Luxurious creamy ice cream, hot fresh waffles smothered in cream and anything else you can think of are all available and you can even sit outside and eat it.

Bar Italia

As the late afternoon turns into the night, it's time to get a little more serious and find out what the area has to offer party wise. Start with a few craft beers at the famous Pepperland Bar on Sta Isabel. Get into the spirit of the hop revolution and try to find the perfect IPA or some other type of beer from around the world. The pace of the night will pick up when you visit Sala Italia on the Avenida Italia. The action starts a little later, a range of cocktails and gins will enable you onto the dance floor.


Whatever the time of year Santiago has a range of things to do. With the long hot summers and cold winters, the city has activities for both seasons. The unique geography of the Santiago offers lush green flat parks and snow-covered mountains. Biking in the summer is the perfect activity to see the area. In the winter head for the world-famous skiing resorts in the Andes.

Bike Summer

If you haven't ridden a bike since you were a child then guided tours by people who know where they are going might be for you. Experienced cyclists may want to hire specialist off or on road bikes and go and explore for themselves. Guided tours where all but insurance is provided, so the bike, the helmet, the bilingual guide, the sunscreen and even a bell are available around the city. The specialist tours offer a variety of options, local market tours, wine and ride tours or half or full day tours. The full day tour may be the best option. The programme begins at around 0930 and ends at 1800 but don't worry you will not be cycling every minute of the day. The tour is split into scheduled stops for local attractions, lunch is around midday and there are plenty of places on route to grab a quick coffee and take in the sights and sound of the area. The all-day route covers 15 km and costs on average 60€.

Ski Winter

Much like the biking tours, the ski tours will depend on your level of experience. If you are a seasoned skier, then you will know what equipment to hire and what trails you will be comfortable on. If you are a novice and fancy just giving it a try, then ski schools will look after you. Head to the slopes between June and October, but August is the perfect month for powder snow on the slopes. El Colorado Ski Centre is an hour’s drive east from Santiago. Nestled in the Andes mountain range, the resort caters for every type of skier and snowboarder. Ski schools will take care of the novices, while the trails that are out of the sun will appeal to those with experience. Prices range, depending on the activity you are doing. Skiing in the Andes is one to tick off the bucket list.


Wherever you are within the world, people selling goods for you to buy will be there also. The cities shopping scene is one that would grace any metropolis. From independent boutiques to high-end European designers your need to shop will be met in Santiago.

Buy boutique

The north-east of the downtown area around the Ñuñoa, Providencia and Las Condes has a high concentrate of one-off boutique shops. Local Santiago names such as María Cienfuegos, up and coming Spanish label Bimba Y Lola and the super successful Lupe Gajardo have shops within the areas.

Market value

A cities culture can be experienced by visiting the cities markets. Santiago has an abundance of markets to while away the hours and buy stuff you don't need. Unless you have cooking facilities, the farmers and fresh produce markets will be of no use unless you like that sort of thing. But everyone needs a few souvenirs of their visits to far-flung places. El Persa Bío Bío is a traditional, loud and nicely daunting market. Vendors shout what they have to offer regardless if anyone is listening. Situated on Bío Bío in Región Metropolitana, the market is right in the centre of the downtown area and sells everything you could want from old bikes to books. The nearest metro station is Bío Bío, surprisingly. Things to do in Santiago would not be complete without a visit to a traditional craft market. The Patio Bellavista market is in the very bohemian area of Bellavista, just north of the downtown area. If you want Chilean inspired artisan goods, then this is the market for you. Catch the 409 or the 502 bus line, and it will drop you right outside the door.