Download IATA's guidance on dangerous goods here.

Our general guidelines are below.

The following items are totally banned from our aircraft:

  • Explosives, munitions, fireworks, flares (including material for expeditions), safety boxes with pyrotechnic items and pyrotechnic materials in general
  • Liquefied, cooled liquefied or dissolute gases
  • Compressed, liquefied, cooled liquefied or dissolute gases, whether inflammable, toxic or non-inflammable and non-toxic, such as: aerosols, extinguishers, breathing apparatuses, oxygen tanks for diving, cryogenic liquids, tanks with coolant gases and cylinders in general
  • Inflamable liquids and solids
  • Oxidising materials and organic peroxides such as oxygen generators
  • Toxic or infectious substances, such as incapacitating devices, samples for diagnosis, vaccines, insecticides and herbicides
  • Radioactive material, such as pharmaceutical products with radioactive isotopes
  • Corrosives, such as acids, alkalines, apparatuses with mercury, electrical accumulators and apparatuses activated electrically by batteries
  • Lithium batteries, e-cigarettes* and other dangerous items such as first-aid kits, ferromagnetic material, dry ice and car batteries. *transport permitted only in the cabin

The following items are not allowed in the cabin of our aircraft:

  • Work tools such as hammers, drills, saws, circular saws, etc. can only be transported or carried as cargo
  • Weapons in general and stunning devices (pistols, rifles, shotguns, compressed air pistols, flare guns, toy pistols, paintball guns, crossbows, bows for arrows or harpoons-fishing guns). For transporting recreational or sports firearms, please see our guidance on special baggage.
  • Blunt instruments (bats, golf clubs, oars, skateboards, fishing rods, martial arts equipment, catapults)
  • Sharp weapons or objects or ones with edges (axes, arrows, darts, harpoons, javelins, ski or hiking poles, scissors, knives and any other sharp object)