Enjoy a great selection of food and drink at 32,000 feet. Depending on whether you're flying in our Premium cabin with a meal package included in your fare, or in our Economy cabin where food & drink are optional extras, both whilst making your reservation and on board, we've got options for you to choose from.

If you don't have food included in your fare, there's a fantastic range of food, snacks and drinks available to buy at any point in the flight through our .air portal on your seatback screen. See our brochures below for the latest version of our on-board menus of the food & drink available. Please be aware that LEVEL flights to and from Vienna will not be offering these food & drink options, although there will be food & drink available to buy on board.


Our Premium fare comes with food & drinks included. We serve a 3-course meal shortly after take-off, with drinks included (including wine or beer) and tea or coffee to finish, with a sweet treat. Before landing we serve a smaller snack with drinks. On flights over 10 hours, a light mid-flight snack is also included. We usually serve the main meal within two hours of take-off and then a smaller meal within two hours of landing time. If your flight is overnight, this will be breakfast.


For our Economy fare, food isn't included and needs to be added as an extra. You can add food & drink to your reservation for only €35 during your booking or right up to 24 hours before the flight on the website. A meal package with LEVEL includes a substantial meal, with an appetiser, dessert, drink (including wine or beer) and tea or coffee to finish. Before landing we serve a smaller snack with drinks. In-between meals you can buy drinks and snacks from our .air portal on your seatback.

See our onboard menu for LEVEL flights to / from Barcelona.

See our onboard menu for LEVEL flights to / from Paris.

Dietary Requirements

If your ticket includes food & drink or you add it to your booking, you can choose from a range of meals designed to meet dietary requirements during the booking process or at check-in. These options include vegetarian and kosher, and are detailed below. Our on-board menu also has a range of food catering for different requirements. For logistical reasons, please be aware that these special meals must be ordered 48 hours prior to departure via the Web or Call Centre.

Lacto-ovo-vegetarian Does not contain meat, fish or seafood. May contain dairy products such as milk, butter, cheese and eggs.
Vegan vegetarian Does not contain meat, fish, fowl, eggs, honey, dairy products or derivatives.
If you do not specify 'vegan' we will provide a lacto-ovo meal.
Muslim Does not contain pork, by-products of pork or ingredients containing alcohol. All meats come from ritually slaughtered animals.
Kosher Prepared to comply with Jewish dietary laws.
Not available on flights from Martinique & Guadeloupe.
Child meal Familiar and fun food for children. May contain beef and pork products, for children between 2-12 years.