Stay connected at 32,000 feet

All of our planes are equipped with the .air portal offering seamless and easy to use wi-fi, entertainment and on-board shopping.

.air Portal

Your seatback is now your gateway to totally connected flying. Browse food, drink, amenities, duty free and hours of entertainment. Our unique pair and pay technology lets you pair your mobile device with your personal screen and quickly and securely pay for items on board. To make the process even quicker, download the .air app available on iTunes and GooglePlay and pre-register your card before travelling.


Our entire fleet is connected with the latest wi-fi technology with prices starting from EUR8.99.

Maximising your on-board wi-fi

Our wi-fi has a fair usage policy and each package comes with a maximum download limit. Follow our hints and tips to maximise your wi-fi package:

  • Switch off auto-updates for apps, your phone software, podcasts and audio streaming
  • Switch off your email apps if you don't need them
  • Close any apps that you won't be using
  • Turn on any settings that limit data consumption - if your phone has this setting
  • Avoid applications that consume a lot of data including video calling and video streaming